Economic effects

The Stanari TPP project provides a unique opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina to create wealth and the much needed economic activity through investment, added value and new employment.

With an overall investment value of EUR 500 million, the development of the Stanari mine and thermal power plant represents the biggest investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s energy sector in the past 25 years. Some of the key economic effects of this investment are:

  • New jobs created during the construction phase
  • Over 900 permanent jobs to be created in Stanari mine and thermal power plant during the operation phase
  • A substantial part of the overall investment remains in the domestic economy. Primary beneficiaries are the BiH construction industry, material and equipment suppliers, logistics and other service providers.
  • Positive impact through direct and indirect revenues in the form of taxes and contributions
  • Attraction of new foreign investors into the region
  • Considerable secondary economic effects on the surrounding region.

Local companies engaged in the construction process gained valuable experience and references, especially important considering that similar projects are expected in the following years.

Commissioning of TPP Stanari, with planned annual production of 2 million MWh, will have a positive impact on the safety aspect of energy supply for consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, especially having in mind that some of the existing energy production facilities in the region are outdated and that overall energy demand in the area will increase.

TPP Stanari in numbers

  • Planned annual energy production of TPP Stanari is 2 million MWh
  • Annual coal consumption of TPP will be 2.3 million tonnes
  • Peak number of construction workers on TPP site reached 1,000
  • Total number of engineering documents issued during design process exceeded 15,000
  • 55,000 m3 of concrete and 5,500 t of reinforcement built in the power plant structures
  • 19 600 t of steel structure elements installed
  • 13.5 km of underground pipelines
  • Within the power plant there are 50 different buildings/structures
  • Highest structure is the chimney with 150m
  • Total length of installed power cables is above 1000 km
  • More than 50,000 tonnes of equipment delivered to site.